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We approach any potential project by establishing appropriate field and consulting teams working closely together with nationally and internationally recognized professionals of varying disciplines and expertise. We tailor a customized and flexible approach to the requirements of each specific client.


GEC S.A. is allied with many of the top professionals in their industries, all equally committed to find with precision the solutions you are looking for.



Seismic Tomography Survey - Agua Rica Project - Argentina

We have the means to give you a realistic picture of the true underground situation. With our highly qualified and skilled teams and modern equipment, we can supply extensive project consulting, survey planning, state-of-the-art data acquisition and suitable processing and interpretation solutions.


Take the advantage of our experience from the very start of your project to create a sound basis for your decision-making!


GEC S.A. is a professional company, dedicated to comprehensive services in applied geophysics and reliable consulting for your exploration and engineering jobs in South America with demonstrated experience and breadth of competence in large scale projects as well as smaller specialized and high quality missions. Our highly qualified and continuously trained teams in conjunction with state-of-the-art equipment allows us to operate from the air and underground, on land and sea, in the most difficult areas such as high mountain or desert regions, jungle or land sea transition zones as well as protected natural environments. 


GEC S.A. helps his customers to create value from subsurface information from the very beginning to the end of your exploration and engineering projects. We trust in our long experience and established reputation for mastering complexity – professionally coordinating and balancing all the forces that define a sound basis for your decision making – just as our distinguished and well known clients.

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Sascha Bölling - Dipl.-Geophys. |      Handy (Whatsapp) : +54 (9) 261 685-3640 

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Advanced Performance & Precision


In a dynamic world in which information brings us all ever closer, complexity is more than the resolution of a project’s isolated issues of location, scale or deposit type. Today, any project’s geophysical results will be seen and must fit in detail. We help clients anticipate future development.



GEC S.A. believes that simplicity and complexity are sometimes one and the same. Our advanced performance and precision has produced a distinguished list of executed projects, commissioned by clients eager to have their expectations raised.

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