GEC S.A. provides a comprehensive range of seismic services from survey design and supervision through advanced data acquisition to suitable processing / re-processing and interpretation solutions for all kind of 2D / 3D seismic data.


Standard Refraction Seismics

Refraction Seismic Tomography

 Conventional Shear Wave Seismics

Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves - (MASW)

Refraction Microtremor Seismics - (ReMi)

2D/ 3D High Resolution Reflection Seismic Surveys

Borehole Seismic Tomography

Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP)

Seismic Down / Uphole Surveys

2D / 3D Hydroacoustic Surveys

Underground Seismics  




OIL, GAS, SALT & COAL Exploration

 MINERAL Exploration

LITHIUM Exploration



Today, applying modern methods and equipment, GEC S.A. experience leads to high-quality achievements, which in turn enables you to get all necessary services from one integrated geophysical company.


Our seismic equipment is provided by:

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Seismic Profiling Cerro Vanguardia - Argentina
Seismic Equipment GEODE - Geometrics
Geophone Layout Operation - Argentina
Seismic Operation Salar de Maricunga - Chile
Seismic Equipment StrataVisor - Geometrics
Geotechnical Seismic Study Los Bronces Mine Site - Chile
Seismic Dropweight Operation Cerro Solo - Argentina
Geophone Connector
Sledge Hammer Operation with DMT Summit Equipment - Agua Rica Mine Site - Argentina



Basin Reconnaissance

Lithology & Stratigraphy


Geological Structures & Faults

Volcanic Intrusions

Geological Contacts




Localization of alluvial Aquifers

Quality / Thickness of Aquifers

Water level & Overburden

Discontinuities / Fracturation

Location of karstic Zones






Mining Prospecting & Exploration


Depth to Bedrock Mapping

Alluvium, Elluvium & Colluvium Definition

Plant, Facilities & Tailings Dam Construction


Civil Engineering


Civil Construction Buildings & Structures

Dams & Bridges

Road, Tunnels, Galleries, Buried Networks

Lay-out Roads, Channels & Railways

Marine & Coastal Structures




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