Ground & Borehole Geophysics


No two projects are alike. Thus, to reach your specific goals, it is vital to choose the appropriate method, the right staff and the best equipment.


This is where you can rely on GEC S.A. as your competent partner.


Regardless of whether you are considering gravimetry, economic and environmental-friendly ground penetrating radar, conventional geoelectrics or advanced magnetotelluric / CSAMT measurements, together we will find the optimum technique.



Soil Investigation

Depth of Foundation Seating

Quality of Foundation

Dynamic Coefficients of Soil / Rock

Earthworks / Suitability for Bulldozing

Risk of Cavities / Karst

Impermeability of Reservoirs

Water Inflow

Ice / Permafrost Thickness

 Slope Stability

Buried Objects

Fractures, Faults & Discontinuities

Groundwater Level & Quality

Obstacles / Object Detection

Waste Site Investigation

Localization of Hidden Waste

 Contamination Detection / Monitoring

Pipe & Cable Detection

Building Investigation

Paraseismic Engineering

GEC S.A. provides a completeprogram of advanced measurement techniques and equipment for all aspects of geophysical investigations based on potential methods and borehole logging.


Take your choice from a broad range of geophysical instruments for exploration and engineering jobs and the advantage of our strength when it comes to high resolution near surface geophysics.


Among others our state-of-the art equipment is provided by:

Advanced performance ...

VES Survey Sal de Vida Project - Argentina
Geoelectric Survey Los Bronces Mine Site - Chile
Gamma Logging Salar del Centenario - Argentina
Drilling Facility Lindero Project - Argentina
VES Survey Salar de Cauchari - Argentina
VES Equipment Ohmega - Allied Associates Ltd
Magnetotelluric Survey Proposa Project - Argentina




Induced Polarization Profiling (IP)

Geoelectrics (VES)

Magnetics & Electromagnetics (EMI)

Magnetotellurics (MT)

Audio-Magnetotellurics (AMT)

Self Potential (SP)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Borehole Logging


GEC Geophysical Exploration & Consulting S.A.

Face the depth ...

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